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Mortgage Market Statistics 2013-2012 Comparison

Topanga Home Buyers need to keep in mind that home price fluctuations are not the only financial element to watch. Mortgage rate activity is a vital factor to monitor in your home purchase process. Sellers would be wise to consider that buyers may be trying to beat any future interest rate increases, so sitting on the sidelines waiting to get a higher sales price may not be the wisest strategy. Here is some great basic info to consider showing the most recent year over year comparison:

Mortgage Rate Comparison 2013 to 2012 DiscoverTopanga.com
Courtesy of Jeff Chalmers, ClickNFinance.com

Don’t get shut out of a great home buying season by sitting on the sidelines. Keep both home price and interest rate activity on your radar during your home buying or selling process.

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Thank you to my friend, Jeff Chalmers, for the cool chart.